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Lettre de Jos T. Eichberg à Émile Zola datée du 27 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : Eichberg, Jos., T.


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Jos. T. Eichberg,

210 S. Forsyth St.


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Atlanta, Ga., Jan 27 1898


Mons. Emile Zola



Honored Sir,


            We are well aware that our admiration for the illustruous champion of Light, for the Worlds great warrior for Right, cannot magnify his splendor.

            A hero has emerged to battle for the persecuted, for the downtrotten, one who has do beautifully deserike human aspirations and sentiments. He has laid his powerful pen aside and [mot illisible] the mighty sword. Not alone or maided do we wish you to go into the strife and I speak not only for myself, but voice the sentiments of one community. Not enough that you have our whole soul approbation, We crave the privilege of aiding and assisting in this noble work, by contributing towards the epreuves1 that must arrive.

            If our feeble effort to assist financially can be of any service and we make it sincerely, if so please, inform us giving us the necessary directions.

            Assuring you of the cooperation of the admiration of the people of America.

            I am yours respectfully,


signature : Jos. T. Eichberg.




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