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Lettre de W. Sharlack à Émile Zola datée du 4 février 1898

Auteur(s) : Sharlack, W.


Texte de la lettre

Papier à lettres.


Déjà dactylographié à gauche :


  1. N. D. Winne, General Auditor,
  2. F. Dudley, Asst Gen'l Auditor
  3. Tyrell, Ticket auditor
  4. S Dousman, Freight Auditor


Déjà dactylographié à droite :


  1. E. Dudley, Auditor of expenditure

JNQ. J. Moulding, Road Accountant

  1. E. Beecham, Car Accountant
  2. H. Burton, Fuel Accountant



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Chicago Milwaukee & St Paul Railway Co.

General Auditing Department

Freight Auditor's Office


À la main :

Chicago, Ill., Febr 4th, 1898


  1. Emile Zola,

            Paris, France


My dear Sir :

            Enclosed please find editorials from the leading daily papers of this city, touching on your case pour an impartial stand point. By flancing over there you will notice that the American Press which fairly expresses the people sentiment is with your able fight against dishonesty and corruption in high governmental circles. We believe with you that Capt. Dreyfus has been innocently condemned.      I greet you as a hero of the closing century.

            Your courage against great odds is an honor not only to the profession you represent, but to all enlightened nations who unlike your bellicose students can see things in their true light.

            I have the honor to be,

             very sincerely Yours

  1. Sharlack

1050 Old Colourg Bldg

Chicago, Ill.


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