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This website offers an OAI-PMH (Open Archive Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) repository. It can be accessed at:


OAI-PMH (Open Archive Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) is a protocol for metadata exchange. It provides online access in one place to resources scattered across different repositories. A specific search engine harvests the metadata from the descriptions of their resources published and indexed by these repositories in their search engine, and displays them as results of a query..

The resources of the EMAN platform are described as Dublin Core metadata and are compatible with this protocol.

Making a request from the address below will allow readers to retrieve and to harvest the metadata of the website files.

For more information about the Open Archive Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), see openarchives.org : openarchives.org


A few examples:

To get a list of the collections of the project:


To get a list of all the items in all the collections with their Dublin Core metadata:


Nota bene: display is per package of 50 results. At the bottom of the file, the attribute "completeListSize" of the tag shows the number of results. To view the next results, the only (time-consuming) way consists in retrieving through the tag the number displayed (number of displayed records) and renew the request stating that the request starts from that number.
For instance, number 334 :


To get a list of all the items of all the collections with other descriptors :




To get a list of all the items of all the collections with all the descriptors and their definitions:


To get a list of the items of a collection:

For instance, collection # 8:


To get a list of the information of a specific item:

For instance, item # 65
With the Dublin Core descriptors:


Avec tous les descripteurs


With the descriptors: http://eman-archives.org/HoL/oai-pmh-repository/request?verb=GetRecord&identifier=oai:www.eman-archives.org/HoL:3&metadataPrefix=omeka-xml

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