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Lettre d'Edgar M. à Émile Zola datée du 27 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : M., Edgar


Texte de la lettre29E 5th Ave
Columbus Ohio ( Captain Dreyfus ) [écrit en gros] To Emil (sic) Zola
USA Paris, France.

By what power does a government claims the right to worry the entire civilized world by emprisonning one of its citoyens in such a barbaric manner, as has been the lot of Captain Dreyfus to suffer.
The offense, if it was committed, does not warrant such extreme punishment, unless the French people are cowards at heart, and tradition has always proven them to be gallant and courageous. The officials and citizens of a Republic should seek to crown every act with wisdom and sound judgment, that no finger of scorn, no voice of reproach may be in the future, mocks its claim to humanity and justice. Civilization will either have the freedom of this prisoner of France will otherwise suffer from [the sursee of swift [mot illisible] and suspicion, the latter, a condition much to be desired by scheming neighbors. Emil (sic) Zola do (sic) not allow the enemies of France to destroy and disgrace the honor of you noble people. The error must be with “a clique” not the people of France. Enemies could not succeed in sniffling France by levying a stupendous war indemnity so some other methods must be adopted, a new protest created that will arouse suspicions and mistrust in the army.
A soldier citizen has been arrested and found guilty of grave charges, and is now serving the will of inhuman and brutal minds. Down with the “clique” .
Vive la France and American fair play.
Yours truly
Signature : Edgar M***n
[nom caché par un cachet de cire dans lequel on devine un “m”]

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