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Lettre d'Annie Nathan Meyer à Émile Zola datée du 23 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : Meyer, Annie Nathan


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801 Madison avenue

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New York
Jan 23 1898

M. Émile Zola,
Dear Sir,

I feel it is impossible for me to remain silent when I am stirred so profoundly by the Eloquent and brave letter which you have written in behalf of M. Dreyfus.
My first impulse was to write a letter of thanks and admiration and here it signed by all the prominent Jews in America. But, on reflection, it seems to me that would leave you less free and less just your own, courageous, manly self. So I write as an individual, but one who has a double right to admire your clarion call to the higher life of the French nation. First _ I am a jewess_ first cousin to the jewess _ Nolt Emma Lagarus _ a connection of that jewess who was the model for Walter Scott's Rebecca. Second, I am an American, descended from ancestors who setlled in America in the 17e Century. I have a great grand father who fought in the revolution, and another _ a rabbi_ who closed his synagogue rather than pray for the safety of king George the third (to declare his loyalty to the same). So my heart thrills at what you have done because I am a jewess but first because I am Anglo-Saxon in my beliefs and ideals.
To the Anglo-Saxon mind the spectacle of this Dreyfus trial is something degrading and revolting.
If you do not read English, ask my friend Theodore Stanton, in whose care I send this, to translate my letter, if you care though about it. I read French fluently, but I dare not hurt myself with foreign language when my Emotions are so aroused.
Permit me to send accross the sea my most earnest appréciation of your courage and your humanity.
Very truly,
Signature : Annie Nathan Meyer


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