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Lettre d'un American à Émile Zola datée du 20 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : American


Texte de la lettreHotto :
Honour to whom
Honour is due.

20 janvier 1898

Deux courts textes séparés d'un trait vertical :

À gauche :
Monsieur Émile Zola,
of the Editor of
Le Figaro.

À droite :
The Honourable
champion of
avant tout.

À la main :

Dear Sir,
When Dreyfus was sentenced of being guilty of High Treason by la Court of either fools or knaves or both combined, I declared it a miscarriage of Justice. (the German have a strong of word for it, say Justizmord,) of which the french nation have every reason to be ashamed of ! But I thought the Government would step in and repair and retrieve the mischief done. But no ; pas du tout on the contrary, we behold the almost indescribable spectacle of a powerful set of liars adding insult to injury, Lacked by the Government anxious to affirm the Faux pas and the standing, actually in the light of betraying the Trust of the “Nation's honour”, respectively the sanctity of the French Republic, per se ; Mr. Faure, The President, standing by with folded hands. Pray, no such President and Cabinets could live in America for 24 hours !
Thanking you for the noble stand you have taken in behalf of truth and humanity. Majority of true American Republican. (irrespective of [mot illisible]1) no doubt reader joining in and trusting you will easily overcome the machinations of the Harpies assailing you.
I remain,
Ever yours very truly
American plus
Hosmos Veritas
In of Lib. Rep. Union

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