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Lettre de Watts Phillips à Émile Zola datée du 18 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : Phillips, Watts


Texte de la lettre8M Mood Vale
Forest Hill
Jan- 18-

À Monsieur Emile Zola

Dear Monsieur,

You have written many very great works, but your present noble action equals their greatness. You have raised your powerful voice in the Cause of Humanity and justice. You stand up alone, like Paul, and are bold. The guarant and the fools [mot illisible] and hoot you ; so that they're higher than Paul.Can they not understand it is not the Army of which France is justly proud you attack, but those you believe have debased it, or will ? Tools and blind. Had others had such courage there might have been no Sedan.
You are French I am English, yet I think you will hold with me there is no nationality in Humanity and Justice. They are universal. They matter all men from the cultured even to the savage brothers.
So Monsieur in the name of Humanity and justice. Dreyfus's guilt or innocence is not the question. I thank you for what you are so bravely doing. I am little you are great, but nevertheless I must say. God speed and be with you.
Permit me, Monsieur, to sign myself
Yours in admiration
signature : Watts Phillips


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