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Lettre de James M. Forshee à Émile Zola datée du 22 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : Forshee,James, M.


Texte de la lettreB.B.WORTH D.G. WORTH C.W.WORTH

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Wilmington.N. Camary 2nd 1898
Mr Emile Zola
Paris France
My Dear Sir. I cannot resist the impulse to write you and thanksnyou for your efforts to establish the innocence of Capt Dreyfus as from the Evidence and have read and consider him an innocent man, though he is a despised Jew, I thought possibly a letter of thanks from far off America might be encouraging to Jan to continue the good work. Knowing that our fellow men approve of what we are doing. I have reason to believe that Fauche, the friend of Napoleon, was of our family – though our name has been americanized with _ Forshée*_
If your are not to busy might I ash you to drop me a few lines saying what you think will be the antenne of Jaw fight on wholf of Dreyfus.
Yours truly
James. M. Forsshee
North Carolina

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