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Lettre d'Albert Preovj à Émile Zola datée du 21 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : Preovj, Albert


Texte de la lettreBaltimore, Md, U. S. A.
Emile Zola Esqr
Grand Maître
Je n'écris pas votre langue assez bien de pouvoir vous dire ce que je veux en Français; permettez donc de vous exprimer mes pensées en Anglais (sic).
I am not a politician of any Kind. I have no ideas to regenerate this miserable world – time & suffering is the law of progress. Each groan has its place in the great scheme of the Creator to lead us (humanity) into the light of a more perfect world. But each steps brings us in closer union to one great Truth – The Brotherhood of Man. [espace blanc de deux ou trois centimètres] You stand to day* as its greatest & most Glorious Apostle. If "The Son of God "ever visited this world, You, Emile Zola, are his legitimate heir. As such I stretch my hand across the ocean to grasp yours. Distance is annihilated, & for-gotten, in the desire of the Soul, to do homage to the great champion of right & justice. In your open litter to the President of your so called Republic, you tower like a giant above your countrymen. Every word is an echo of the progress that humanity has made through oceans of tears & seas of blood. Gloriously, & amid the tumult of hatred, the din of blind passion, and you standing on the playform of immortal truth.
And what is Dreyfus to me ? He is my brother, also the son of God. And where is the Church & Churchmen ? Where are they who decry the "materialism" in yours[sic] superb literature, yet leave you to defend what has been earned, in this world, of the spiritual in life ?
Why does not every pulpil[sic] in your land, thunder forth condemnation, on the criminals that refuse a fair and open hearing to this poor Dreyfus ?
Where are the true followers of Christ ? Where is the spirit of chevalry that had its home in your great country ?
Why, I say, have you all these, (calling you a "materialist") left you, to fight alone, the greatest spiritual battle of the century ? [espace blanc de deux ou trois centimètres] But you will fight it well. There are men who have no politics who would die to help you. You will return Dreyfus to his family. You will triumph because you are right. The eyes of Millions are upon you. Their hearts are with you. Their prayers are for you. Take courage in this. Behing government is humanity. Behind humanity is God – not the God of the priest, but that God that no only know [sic] through his reflection in our being. It is HE, who through the strength of his image in you, has commander you to speak in the cause of justice. Your voice is his voice. Inherited through the tears of those that have preceeded us. Uther it loudly & without fear, & posterity will bless you. The occasion is superb.
I am a very obscure person & my road through life is through its quiet side-walks. I am beneath your consideration & notice.
I wish for, & seek no notoriety on publicity that will not help the great cause you fight for. I have simply felt moved to speak & to express admiration for your noble conduct. I too am a Man.
I am, with most profound respect, your humble and devoted servant.
Signature : Albert Preovj

And May God bless & help you.

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