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Lettre d'une American woman à Émile Zola datée du 24 janvier 1898

Auteur(s) : American woman


Texte de la lettreLondon

High esteemed M. Zola,
As you are the Champion of that unfortunate man M. Dreyfus, I venture to address these few lines and tell you what I heard a few days ago, I think it’s everybody’s duty to contribute their hearings to solve if possible this mistery* and act Christian like to that poor man who is very liked suffering from wickets woman’s doings my ears caught these words.
There is a woman in the case and a very important (souligné deux fois par l’auteur) woman so important she is supposed to be a relative to our Queen _ and her name begins with a s _ That she wanted money to pay her dress-makers bills got the information and sold it.
You may know all this, but I having heard it and my feelings having always been very much with the poor victim and his family. I cannot retain myself from writing these lines, pardon me for troubling you to read them but I hope for righteousness everything will be well looked into now. I cannot give my name and address but am an American woman.
If you want to write to me, advertise in the daily Telegraph’s agony column heading American woman.
With best wishes.
(PS : The womans husband is a military man now trying the case.)

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