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Lettre d'Henry Egbert à Emile Zola datée du 11 juin 1899

Auteur(s) : Egbert, Henry


Texte de la lettrePapier à lettres.

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Drapeau des Etats-Unis

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C/o Bank of British North America,
San Francisco,
United States of America.

11th June, 1899

Monsieur Emile Zola,

Great and Noble Genius,
On the 8th of September of last year, I addressed a registered letter to the late lamented President of France on the Dreyfus case. In it I made reference to your distinguished self and to your deceased compatriot and confrère, the famous Alexandre Fumas, author of Monte Christo. I would very much like you to read that letter, as I believe it would afford you pleasure, the way things gave twisted out, and I am writing to the present illustrious occupant of the presidential chair to send you a copy of it, as I happen not to possess one. I hope that amiable and exalted gentleman will comply with my request.
Enclosed, please find a clipping from this morning Bulletin, in reference to the cause you are to generously and no ably championing.
I would send you a copy of my novel, entitled “A Victim of Circunstantial Evidence”, if I thought it worthy of acceptance by so eminent a confrère.
Wishing you long life and the best of health
I have the honor to be,
Yours Sincerely,
Henry Egbert,
Member of the Incorporate Society of Authors of England.

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