CORREZ - Édition des lettres internationales adressées à Émile Zola

Lettre d'Isaac Roland à Émile Zola datée du 12 octobre 1898

Auteur(s) : Roland, Isaac, N.


Texte de la lettreFreeport ill. U. S. A.
Oct 12-98

Dear Sir,

Your American friends have rejoiced to read of the compliment that could be paid to you and your honored career in the price paid for the Louis X table. It is a correct sentiment, we all entertain for you the same high regard as an honorable and feerless (sic) advocte of Justice to all. When you reach America would you entertain an invitation to deliver an address under our club auspices, subject left to your own selection, If so kindly give me the sum required to facilitate the matter. While I can read your native language, I am not proficient enough to attempt its introduction to you. No doubt your superior attainments enable you to pass so glarring (sic) a short – coming on my part.
Trusting you will be enabled to gratify our desire.

I am Courteously
Signature : Isaac Roland
see y
To M Emile Zola

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