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Lettre de Louise G. Hammer à Émile Zola datée du 18 juillet 1898

Auteur(s) : Hammer, Louise G.


Texte de la lettre22/-25th Street
July 18, 1898

Ms Emile Zola Paris.

Dear Sir,
Pardon me for trespassing upon your time but it is your autograph I desire. A small favor for you to grant but one inestimable one for me to receive for it sincerely admire the noble courage, self sacrifice and disinterested sincerely you have displayed in this most inequal struggle. In my possession is an autograph album begun my Grandmother of which I am justly very proud, for it contains not only the signature of a number of prominent and distinguished people but many original lines and sketches and I should feel greatly honored if you would write something upon the enclosed slip and return same in the accompanying envelope.
(Pardon me not placing a stamp upon envelope, but it is impossible to pursue a french syamp hire). Thanking you in advance,
Very Respectfully,
Louise G. Hammer

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