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Lettre d'S. S. H. Austin à Émile Zola datée du 25 novembre 1898

Auteur(s) : Austin, S. S. H.


Texte de la lettrePapier à lettre "The Lincoln call daily and weekly"

En haut :

"Lincoln, the seat of the State University, three Church Universities, one Normal College, two conservatories of Music, and a Military School.
Population in 1880 : 13,004 ; in 1890 : 55,712. Lancaster County's Population in 1895, 86,395. A Progressive City and Rich County.

En haut à gauche :
The Call, Daily and Weekly.
Lincoln. NEB.

En haut à droite :
Largest circulation in the Capital city. Local News and Press Dispatches. Reliable market reports, State news.

Lincoln Evening Call... Weekly Call....
Established in 1878. Established in 1878.

À la main :

Nov. 25 98.

To The Mons. Emil (sic) Zola.
Paris, France. Dear Sir : Enclosed find two ed. Cleppings which will show that there is at least some sincere sympathy on this side of the sea. Accept our congratulations, Great martyr that you are ! May you live to know and long enjoy the full rewards of your sacrifice for humanity.
Humbly and Affectionately Yours, S. S. H. Austin.

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