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Lettre d'Elmer E. Twining à Émile Zola datée du 24 février 1898

Auteur(s) : Twining, Elmer E.


Texte de la lettre

Philadephia U. S. A.

Fev 24th 1898

M Zola

Paris, France.

            My Dear Sir,

            As an American a citizen of a genuine Republic, I wish to express my regret over the infortunate ending of your so-called trial, in a court where persons were allowed to refuse to testify with impunity. Such a trial and such a court is to every honest mind nothing else than a farce and a traversty on justice. The honor of the Drench army has been given a legal vindication but the French people are gravely mistaken if they believe that the verdict of the civilized world co incides with that of the jury, whom mobs and army officials have intimidated into condemning a man who had the honor and the courage to publicly denounce a terrible wrong. reading the reports of your trial gives one an inkling of the proceedings of the Dreyfus secret court-martial and more than ever convinces people of the innocence of Dreyfus and the disgrace of the army, the people, and the government of France. Your trial has been the means of giving you a complete moral vindication before all mankind who are free from passion and prejudice and your trial while it brings trouble, and inconvenience, will bring its on reward, for in time the people of France will regret that they have held the  [mot illisible] of the army to the more racred than that of the Republic, and when that time comes, the name of “Zola” like “Ben Ahden” will be loved by all, as a man who loved his fellow men.

            Yours very truly

            Elmer E. Twining


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