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Lettre de Stanley Waterloo à Émile Zola datée du 28 février 1898

Auteur(s) : Waterloo, Stanley


Texte de la lettre

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Way & William


Caxton Building


Cable Adress Auvergne Chicago


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Chicago Feb., 28, 1898


  1. Emile Zola,






My Dear Sir :--

            As chairman of the committee which prepared certains resolutions adopted at a called meeting today by The Press Club of Chicago, I have been requested to transmit to you a copy of the resolutions adopted.

            The club as the representative of the journalists and authors of the city of Chicago, the great central city of the American continent and of the sister Republic of France has felt it to be a duty, as it is certainly a matter of enthusiasm and earnestness to express to the world and to you its regard for your attitude in demanding free thought and open speech and the right of open trial to all men accused of wrong.

            The Press Club of Chicago is one of the strongest organisations of journalists and authors in the world. There was not a single dissenting opinion when the resolutions sent to you were adopted today. It was thought that they might be appreciated by you as the far away expressions of men engaged in the world of literature and that possibly they might have some effect upon public opinion everywhere. The Press Club of Chicago wishes to express its sentiments of regard for you and for those associated with you in the struggle for a cause which must eventually be successful.

            Faithfully yours,

Signature : Stanley Waterloo


Copie des résolutions :


“At a meeting of the Press Club of Chicago held in the rooms of the club February 25th, 1898, the following resolutions were passed.

            “Whereas in the Republic of France a great writer has, in the face of temporary public opinion, dared, regardless of consequeness, to maintain the right of free thought, free speech and free publication _ when the object is for the general public good – and, whereas, Monsieur Zola has been aided by M. Perreux in bolding printing that M. Zola wrote and who is now sustaining such expression by his own course,

            “It is Resolved _ that the Press Club of Chicago, the gathering ground and recognize center of the journalists and authors of Chicago, the great Central of the Republic which has been close to France in many things, declares its profound regard and sentiment of helpfulness to both the great novelist, and to the editor who published his letter, declares, too, its belief in the justice of the cause advanced, so far as was demanded the free expression of thought for the good of humanity and its demand that all trials of all men should be open to the world.

            “Furthermore _ The Press Club of Chicago wished to express its confidence in the ultimate verdict of a great people when there comes further reflection upon wrong sometimes done by the patriotic but too impetuous upper current.

            “The Press Club of Chicago congratulates M. Zola and M. Perreux.

                        William Know,

                        President Press Club

                        Of Chicago


                        Stanley Waterloo,

                        Opic Read.

                        John T. Bramhall.

Committee on Resolutions.


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