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Lettre d'Anna Lenson à Émile Zola datée du 28 février 1898

Auteur(s) : Lenson, Anna


Texte de la lettre

Arkville, N. Y.

February, 28th, 1898


Emile Zola Esq

            Paris, France

Honorable Sir :-

            Although only a girl of sixteen, I take the liberty in expressing my sympathy of the sad sympathy that the court unjustly decided against you. I am deeply impressed with your noble and brave act in which you sacrificed all, even liberty, for the truth. Should the people fail to reward you, Providence surely will.

            Your name and fame will long be remembered and honored all over the world. The sympathy for you in the United States is very great even every child know you pathetic story and when referring to the same, adresses you as “father of the truth by which name you will always be remembered.

            Many a tear are being shed for you, while reading the daily papers, one think of the injustice being done to you.

            We only hope that in the near future France will repent of its follies and be ashamed of such ignoble rest, but may Providence always be with you and bless you for your noble heart that deserves all earthly honors and blessings.

            So now accept my heartest congratulations and wishes for your success and liberty and of the prayers from your distant friends will be heard, the truth, which you are stirring for will surely be secured.

            Kindly excuse my writing this letter in English as you will understand that it is more natural for me to do so. Please also extend my respects to Madame Zola.

            I will now close with only one more wish from you, should it not be to troublesome, So honor me with a little note from your self which will cause me great joy and pleasure.

            I remain your sincere friend and will closely watch the latest reports which I hope will be most gratifying.

Signature : (Miss) Anna Lenson


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