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Lettre de Charles C. Haskell à Émile Zola datée du 12 mars 1902

Auteur(s) : Haskell, Charles, C.


Texte de la lettreTampon de papier à lettres.

À gauche :

office of
Successors to
The Henry Bill Publishing Co.
(Established 1847
62 Shetucket Street.

À droite :
Charles Courtney Haskell
Charles Houston Haskell

Au milieu :
Cable Address _ Haskell

Norwich, Conn. Mar. 12, 1902

My Dear Brother :
I have just read your book, "Labor", and I am exceedingly interested in it fot the reason that I am deeply interested in the subject of "Co-operation" which is making wonderful progress in this country. I am working along the same lines as you are for the redemption of humanity as you will see from the enclosed circular.
The one thing to my mind lacking to your book and the one sad thing in it at the last is that Luc was overcore by disease and so came to his end as a victim to wrong living through ignorance and so was carried down to death, and instead of being the master, he was mastered by what he ought to have had dominion over.
My work fits in with yours exactly and the New Age cannot be ushered in in all its glory until we have Perfect Health, and that is coming with all th rest of the good things in this in-coming, golden age of Co-operation and Love.
Had Luc known if the truth contained in "Perfect Health", your book would have closed very differently from what it has. I want to send you a copy of the book, but not knowing your address, I do not send it until I hear a word from you. If you will drop me a line in case you get this, I will send you a copy at once. I have written Harper Brothers, New York, who publish your book, twice inquiring if they could give me your address, and they do not reply.
I may say that this little volume, "Perfect Health", is the only book published that teaches How to Get Perfect Health and How to Keep it and therefore it is more valuable than all other books on health combined.
Hoping that I may hear from you soon, I am,
Yours for humanity and in Perfect Health,

Signature : C. C. Haskell

Mr Emile Zola,
Paris, France,


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