CORREZ - Édition des lettres internationales adressées à Émile Zola

Lettre de A. S. Cody à Émile Zola du 24 juillet 1894

Auteur(s) : Cody, A. S.


Texte de la lettre164 E. 89 st., New-York, U.S.A., July 24, 1894.

My dear M. Zola,

I send you herewith in advance copy of a little book on "The Art of Short Story Writing" which I hope you may find interesting. I do not know that an attempt has ever before been made to analyze for practical purposes the art of fiction in the thorough way I have undertaken the matter. If my point of view is right, and my attempt successful – which I leave you to judge – this book is a pioneer in reducing the art of literature to a scientific basis, toward which you have contributed so much. But to you and your confreres I owe the material to which I trust I have given a practical shape. I should be very glad indeed to know your opinion of my success.

Respectfully yours,
Signature : A. S. Cody.


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