CORREZ - Édition des lettres internationales adressées à Émile Zola

Lettre de Emile A. Palier à Émile Zola datée du 10 janvier 1902

Auteur(s) : Palier, Emile A.


Texte de la lettre33 Jefferson St.
N. Y. Janv. 10. 1902.

Emile Zola Esg.
Honored Sir
I send you under separate cover a copy of a novel of mine entitled "Social Sinners". The object of the book is to depict life in the United States as it really is and not as it is painted by the optimistic American writers.
Naturally the bulky American press, which hates the truth, received the book with abuse and contempt. Now, dear sir, I must say that you are one of the few writers of the present generation for whom I have esteem and respect. I don't say this to flatter you, I know that you care very little for my flattery. I have the greatest aversion to the monder romances _ who are very prolific in America _ who debauch the public with their stories of adventure.
I send you, therefore, my humble work which I tried to make as short as possible, in order to enable one to read it in as a little time as possible.
If after reading it, you should find some merit in it, would you kindly oblige me by sending me a line or two by way of acknowledgment and encouragement, in order that I may feel like continuing my work ? You are well aware with what difficulties is beset the path of one who dares telle the truth, and what a little encouragement may do for him.
Yours most sincerely,
Emile A. Palier.


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