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Lettre de F. E. Kingsbury à Émile Zola datée du 26 août 1895

Auteur(s) : Kingsbury, F. E.


Texte de la lettreWestField, New York, U. S. A.
August-26, 1895.

M. Emile Zola,
Dear Sir,
Having read your "Lourdes'"with a great deal of pleasure, and having read that you are now at work on "Rome" _ with a third in the series, coming later, _ I venture to write you to ask if you as get, have made any arrangments for tranlation of same in this country.
I have done quite a great deal of translations and am very anxious to obtain some first-class work to do-viz (sic) your "Débâcle"."Dr Pascal" and like works are of the character I would like. Although a first-class novel, not at all risqué, would do. When I read many charming stories in the original /and afterword, read a wretched translation of the same, I feel that a great deal has been lost. Sake, for example, pardon's "Madam vous-Sèvre" it is fright-fully mutilated in the English rendering. In my work I try to keep to the original, nilthful painforcing the text, in so far as possibly, consisted with good English.
Possibly, you may think one very audacious in thus writing (to you, but [as barré] there is, as you probably know to your cost, no international copyright law and [mot illisible] works are free to all. If I were a french author, I should very much prefer to have an arrangement with some American who would, at least, try to do faithful work, than to throw a book on the war [mot illisible] and have any kind of work done on it.
If you do not feel disposed to make any arrangements with me, or if you have already made such arrangements, will you kindly bear me in mind if you know of your colleagues who are about to bring out any new work, and who would like to have a simultaneous publication in France and America.
Pardon me for not enclosing return stamp, but those are unobtainable with us.
Awaiting you reply,
I am,
Very respectfully,
F. E. Kingsbury,
Box 462
New York
U. S. A.

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