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Lettre de Charles E. Ruthe à Émile Zola du 26 avril 1890

Auteur(s) : Ruthe, Charles E.


Texte de la lettreSan Francisco April 26 90

Monsieur !

Twice I had already the honor of writing to you but both time I received no answer. For the third time I received no answer. For the third time I try it again and thiss time in my mother tongue of which you are, as I read the other day in a newspaper, perfect master.
I have a favor to ask of you and sincerely hope, you will grant its as it is now the third time that I ask it for you.
I wish to have a souvenir of you in the shape of your handwriting for my album, in short for an autograph, I have many celebrated authors but I would very much like to have a line from you and sincerely hope, you will be kind enough to send me a memento.
As I should be able to do you a favor in return from this past of the world I would be delighted and you may command me anytime.
Thank you very much beforehand I hope that this time you will not disappoint me and am your's.
Very Respectfully,
Charles E. Ruthe
415 California Street
San Francisco

As I have no French Stamps I enclose American and hope you can exchange them.

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