CORREZ - Édition des lettres internationales adressées à Émile Zola

Lettre de Walter B. Scals à Émile Zola datée du 24 décembre 1897

Auteur(s) : Scals, Walter B.


Texte de la lettreKERR & McCORD
Attorneys at Law
Citizen bank building

Jas. a. Kerr
E.S. Mc Cord

Fairhaven, Washington,
December, 24, 1897.

M. Emile Zola,
Dear Sir,
I hope that you will excuse my troubling you, but I am very anxious to kow (sic) if you had a cousin, or possibly an uncle, who cam(x barré)e to America about 1851, and settled in california, if you can tell me, I can assure you that your kindness will be fully appreciated. I know that I take a very great liberty in bothering you, but I am very anxious to know. Hoping that I do not trouble you too much,
I am,
Very Respectfully Yours,
Walter B. Scals.
Please address : Box 141,
U. S. A.

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