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Lettre de Fred. M. Stoptins à Émile Zola datée du 28 février 1896

Auteur(s) : Stoptins, Fred M.


Texte de la lettreNew York, Feb. 28. 96

Dear Sir,

You will see, from the enclosed, that unless a general interest is created at once in the old home of the poet Edgar Allan Poe, that it is in immediate danger of destruction. I am preparing several articles, in collaboration with others here in New York, which we hope will stir up an interest in this subject.
It will help us mightily at this time to get a few good letters from across the Atlantic because they would be widely copied by our magazines and newspapers and help to arouse the sentiment necessary to save the cottage.
Can you send us a few words _ whatever you think but designed to help us ! If so we shall be grateful for your interest.
I hoping to hear from you, and thanking you in advance for your reply.
I am,
Very truly,
Signature : Fred. L. Stoptins.

M Emile Zola,
Rue de Bruxelles,

P. S. I have searched the exchanges for french letters stamps but have been unable to find any. I hope therefore you will pardon the unstamped envelope which I enclose.
F. [mot illisible]

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