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Lettre de Wallace Wood à Émile Zola du 15 mars 1891

Auteur(s) : Wood, Wallace


Texte de la lettrePapier à lettres.
Lettre tapée à la machine, encre violette.


New York, U.S.A., March 15, 1891.

Dear Sir,
May swe still hope you will join the Herald's Symposium of a select number of authorities in all parts of the world on the anthropological and ethical subject of the "Coming Man", but answering within the space of a hundred of two hundred words [any] one or more (rature à la main) of the enclosed questions.
Copies of this letter are sent to men of eminence in every civilized country. The results will be published in the Herald and collected in a volume.
Please write in any language convenient to yourself.
Very sincerely yours,
Wallace Wood (signature à la main)

Papier joint tapé à la machine à l'encre noire :
What are the attributes of perfect man-hood ?
What is your ideal ?
What are the best types ?
What is the best ideal culture ?
What qualities of mind, heart, energy or character should be cultivated or what repressed for the higher development of man ?
What organs, systems or parts of the body features of the face, or convolutions of the brain ought to be increased, and what reduced to render man more godlike and less brute-like.
What are the cardinal points to be insisted upon for the all-around development of the coming man ?
What points are to be urged fot the awakening of the higher intelligence of the Young American ?
What is the best counsel for the young man of today ?
What is the finest quality in human nature ?


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