CORREZ - Édition des lettres internationales adressées à Émile Zola

Lettre de Lew Bardeen à Émile Zola du 18 octobre 1890

Auteur(s) : Bardeen, Lew


Texte de la lettrePapier à lettres : "Century club of Syracuse"

Oct, 18, 1890.


I take the liberty of sending a copy of the Overland Monthly containing a Sketch of your great series of novels. As a foreigner, but little acquainted with French life, I have not hoped to understand you fully ; but I have wished my countrymen to see the Rougon-Macquart (sic) series as a whole, and not to look upon L'Assommoir (sic) and Nana (sic) as isolared volumes.
I regret that the article was written before La Bête Humaine (sic) had reached me. I have found nothing in all your stories more powerful than the narrative Séverine gives of the murder on pages 250 to 258.
I beg you to receive assurance of my gratitude for the enjoyment and the benefit I have received from your books ; and to remain
Your sincere admirer,
Lew Bardeen

To M. Emile Zola
Care G. Charpentier et Cie
11 rue de Grenelle,
Paris, France.


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