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Lettre de Tom Parker à Émile Zola du 13 novembre 1890

Auteur(s) : Parker, Tom


Texte de la lettreKragero,
Norway, Nov. 13Th, 1890.

Dear Sir,
Of letters like these you must receive thousands and only throw them in the waste paper basket, but I sincerely hope that this letter of mine will not follow the others.
I suppose that you will feel astonished and angry at me because I take the great liberty to write to you, the great author, but when you hear the reason I hope you will forgive and not be angry with me.
I have been a collector of autographs for several years, but have not yet had the honour of having yours amongst the number, and I therefore take the great liberty of asking you to send me yours.
You cannot imagine the delight I should feel if you would fulfill my request, I should frame it and keep it all my life.
I have read nearly all your books which are translated into english and norwegian, and they have allgiven me the greatest pleasure, but I for my part think that
L'assemoir (sic) and Contes à Ninon Nana are the best.
I only which that I could read them in the original language, which is the finest in the world, and hopeing that you the great author will grant my request. I remain dear Sir
your great admirer
From the land of the midnight sunday
Tom Parker

Please excuse my not writing to you in your own beautiful language.


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